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Ghana - Filmed a documentary at the school.  

Threw the school graduation - over 300 kids - Ophelia graduates from Amazing Grace

Beta Photo Project using 2 disposable cameras - these are stories worth telling




**Formalized a curriculum for the photo workshop - this is when the program “officially” began

3 themes: Interesting People and Places, A Day in the Life, What Does Love Look Like?

Bogotá, Colombia

NGO: Hogares Luz y Vida 

Orphanage and School for kids with various special needs - both physical and mental handicaps 

Ophelia goes to Senior Secondary School in Ghana




Mi Voz Event in Downtown LA

Raised over $30,000 - 100% donated which has been used to start a clinic at the Hogares Luz y Vida in Colombia




Guatemala City, Guatemala 


All-girls’ school in the inner city, K-6th grade

Vox Students were 5th grade girls (10-11 students)

Portraits were also taken to honor the staff at the school

Dolce shoots/edits a promo for IMA

Ophelia graduates from Senior Secondary School in Ghana




Kodiekrom, Ghana 

NGO: Adom Partnership

Amazing Grace Preparatory School, K-9

Provides food and education to low-income students in the village of Kodiekrom, Ghana and its surrounding areas

Vox Students were 7th graders (17 students)

Ophelia works in the nursery at Amazing Grace

Vijayawada, India

NGO: Vikasitha

Students were “young adults” (ages 18-35) -(12-15 students), students from a Bible College who are typically from lower castes; the students were serving at women’s conference from the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh

Khulna, Bangladesh 

NGO: Speak Up for the Poor

Teaches English and after-school education to girls in rural areas and villages to prevent child marriage

Vox students - girls ages 11-18 (10-12 students)


1st Ambassador program

[Young Mi or Susan can fill out the details here]




Los Angeles Photo Project

NGO: Covenant House, LA

Care and housing for foster kids and homeless youth, ages 5-24ish

Vox Students are different for each workshop (3 workshops so far) - ages 18-22

Vox Photo Project 2-Day Event

Raised over $30,000 to fund specific needs for supported communities in Ghana, India, Bangladesh, Colombia, Guatemala, Indonesia, and Los Angeles


Taiwan - Wulai 

Wulai Elementary School

Ages 3-6

Kids from low income homes, mostly from the Tayal aboriginal tribe

Sichuan/Tibet - Xieqing Shi

Xieqing Elementary School

5th grade class

⅓ of school are orphans

Yunnan - Mijing

Bai Tribe villagers in Mijing

Ages 4-46 (children and moms)


NGO: Sonflowers

Ages 7-16

Kids live in slums and brothels

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