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The Vox Photo Project has been empowering self-expression in underserved communities around the world through photography since 2010.  "Vox" means "Voice" in Latin; so The Vox Photo Project uses photography as a vehicle to amplify the voices of those who are socially unheard.


The Vox Photo Project first collects donated cameras and assembles sustainability kits to be distributed to students in places including Ghana, Guatemala, Indonesia, India, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Colombia, China and more. Vox then travels to these areas and teaches participants the basics of photography.  Participants capture their own stories around themes such as Interesting People and Places, A Day in the Life, and What Does Love Look Like?  Vox puts on exhibits showcasing these artists’ work to raise funds, of which 100% is returned back to the communities.

Vox is grassroots by nature, founded by artist Dolce Wang, and comprised of passionate volunteers from around the world committed to using their gifts towards serving the communities around them.

How It Works


Class sizes are typically 10-15 students of all ages. Vox donates the hardware and sustainability kits to the participating organizations for continued use by locals. Past Workshops have taken place in Ghana, Guatemala, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Colombia, Taiwan, Yunnan, Tibet, Shanghai, and Los Angeles.


To celebrate the work created by the students during the Workshops, Vox puts on immersive, mixed media exhibitions in order to raise awareness and funding for the supported communities. The exhibitions include photos from multiple regions, sharing the common thread of the class themes: Interesting People and Places, Day in the Life, and What Does Love Look Like? The goal is to showcase the students as artists and inspire others to participate in serving others.


The first two exhibitions took place in Los Angeles in 2012 and 2015. Both events raised over $30,000, where 100% was donated and returned back to the students' communities around the world.  In 2019 we also launched a local cultural exhibit in Shanghai.

The Vox Photo Project was also endorsed by United Nations Women in 2018, for an in-house exhibit at the UN Headquarters in New York.

Photographers use their cameras as tools of exploration, passports to inner sanctums, instruments for change. Their images are proof that photography matters — now more than ever. 

Robert Draper, National Geographic


The Vox Photo Project has been supported in part by the Frank and Karen Geefay Foundation, whose mission is to empower underserved communities by cultivating more resilient and vibrant conditions for growth, and to support environmental stewardship towards a more sustainable and harmonious future.  

Vox has also supported and partnered with the following global NGO's in their contributions.

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